For the past few months I have been working with Cig Electric, on-line retailers of the electronic cigarette UK. After an initial consultation of what they hoped to achieve for their electronic cigarette business in the UK we set about a plan to establish a electronic cigarette UK shop where on-line customers could browse and purchase quality electronic cigarettes in a simple and effective way. It was a pleasure working with the team and we developed a strong professional relationship. Their goals where ambitious which made it even more exciting to work with them. I always enjoy pushing the boundaries of any challenge and the electronic cigarette UK industry certainly was a good candidate for that. Not only are electronic cigarettes a rapidly developing industry, the electronic cigarette UK on-line marketplace is a real mix of strategies and on-line presence. I assured them with the right web solution and marketing strategy we could achieve ambitious results. A Word Press e-commerce shop was my recommended solution for them due to its high flexibility, low start up cost and easy promotion and marketing routes. After I had developed there e-commerce solution I spent a few days with them for training on the word press system. It is very easy once you get the hang of it and they soon realized the potential for electronic cigarette retailing in the UK.
electronic cigarette uk
The next step was promotion and advertising the electronic cigarette UK shop. We set about establishing a social media campaign to allow them to quickly and easily distribute information and news to there customer base while giving them exposure to new customers. Cig Electric love to give their customers discounts and coupons for electronic cigarettes so we established a platform that would allow them easily to distribute and circulate new promotions and deals.
We then moved on to off site promotion which is currently on going. Using my suggested strategy we have already increased our exposure dramatically. There is plenty more to do and the future is looking great for this electronic cigarette UK on-line business. You can visit Cig Electric here :